Wheelie Bin With Pedal-Handsfree Convenience !

These bins have the regular two wheels fitted, but in addition, they come with a heavy duty foot operated pedal mechanism. This allows for users of these bins to open or close these bins without touching the bins with their hands.
The hands free wheely bins come in 70 litre,120 litre and 240 litre sizes.
Feedback from clients is that this is ideal in a restaurant environment, as it greatly enhances hygiene, as staff hands do not need to touch the bins when they are being filled. In addition, in applications such as quick service restaurants, these bins can assist in improving efficiency, as workers can open/close the bins faster, and also have their hands free to perform other activities at the same time. Further feedback from clients is that they like the fact that the range of foot operated wheely bins from Shawson Plastics come in five colours, being orange, yellow, blue, green and charcoal grey. This selection of colours allows users to use different coloured bins for different waste types, or use different coloured bins in different areas of their operations.
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These bins are , in addition, easy to transport. With the wheels and shaft removed, the bodies of the more info bins nest inside each other, this allows for economical courier transport to the clients premises. Shawson Plastics supplies the bins with the Shawson Plastics logo on them, however we can remove this for you if required.
Shawson Plastics also supplies recycling stickers at an additional charge, so we can assist you with complete bins and stickers, instead of the situation with most suppliers, where the client would first purchase the bins and then need to approach another supplier to obtain stickers.
Another reason why clients love Shawson Plastics, is that we supply the WIDEST RANGE of wheely bins in Africa, from 50 litres all the way up to a massive 1100 litre. Shawson Plastics has also been operating since 1966, so clients can be assured that they are dealing with a well established, reputable organisation.
We also supply replacement wheels and shafts for the 240 litre bin .
Shawson Plastics can be contacted on telephone (South Africa) +27117921916

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